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“In our hearts we are giants”

The book “In our hearts we are giants” is a state of the art publication that captivates the attention of the reader at all times. The story revolves around the Ovitz family that comprises of traveling musicians and actors who are mostly dwarfs. This Ovitz family had Romanian heritage and they go through imprisonment at the Auschwitz camp during the times of World War 2. This Ovitz family that comprised of twelve members from the age of 15 months to 58 years was successful in surviving this imprisonment. Students who are seeking professional writers for reviews, reports or speech papers related to this book can surely hire us for expert custom writing options.

Book Review

One of the central members of the Ovitz family was Brana Frutcher. The book “In our hearts we are giants” also tells the story of her children who for their own troupe by the name of the Lilliput Troupe. This troupe delivered successful performances in Romania, Czechoslovakia and Hungary. The performance of this troupe was widely appreciated by its viewers.  Out of 12 members of this family, 7 were dwarfs. One of the best things about the story is the plot. All the characters in the book are connected together in an impressive manner. The span which the Ovitz family spend in the Auschwitz camp presents an example of intolerable pain. Their teeth are pulled out and bone marrow is used to check the hereditary details. However, close family bonds help them in surviving everything.

When the Ovitz family enters the Auschwitz camp, the German camp doctor Josef Mengele notices them. This is where things become tougher for the family. The camp doctor wants to find out how the Ovitz family has both dwarfs and people with normal height. Hence, he places the family members with his other subjects that were used to carry out experiments. Josef immediately realizes that the Ovitz family could prove to be a great source of experimentation for him and enhance his progress on a major scale. Hence, he changes their residence to individual quarters. The Ovitz family was kept in much better living conditions than other prisoners used for experimentation by Josef. The members of this family were given better diets and living conditions as well. The book “In our hearts we are giants” presents the perfect example of how a family bond is tested in tough circumstances. It also displays how courage and determination can help in combating the toughest conditions.

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Book review: In our hearts we were giants
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