Impact of Patient Involvement

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Impact of Patient Involvement

Patient Involvement

Patient involvement programs may assist in enhancing health care provider hand washing compliance. For instance, when patients were motivated to question H.C.W, if they have carried out hand washing, usage of soap augmented by thirty-four percent and fifty percent, demonstrates that there has been an increase in the hand hygiene among the providers of healthcare. There has been a ninety-four percent rise in the events of hand hygiene when patients questioned providers of health care about their hand hygiene. However, initiatives which involve patients as hand hygiene observers have produced positive consequences, the long lasting sustained impact on compliance of hand hygiene and effect on rates of infection are still not known.

The United Kingdom National Patient Safety Agency

A survey was carried out by the United Kingdom National Patient Safety Agency in which in-patients, public, and health care providers specifically infection control nurses and frontline clinical team were surveyed, in 5 acute care clinics. It was to identify whether they have accepted that larger involvement level with patients would add to enhanced hand hygiene compliance and decrease H.A.Is. About, 57% (302/530) of public were not questioning physicians on their hand hygiene as they thought that they already had washed them. Around, 43% (90/210) of in-patients thought that providers of health care must realize that they should clean their hands and had faith that they would do so, and twenty percent (42/210) wouldn’t want health care providers to consider that they had a doubt on their professional skill to perform their duty appropriately. Inviting the patients to give a reminder to providers of healthcare on their hand hygiene by providing hand rub alcohol-based containers individually, and vigorously supporting “It is okay to ask” approach were considered as the most helpful interventions by healthcare providers and patients. But, more research is needed to disprove the myth among providers of healthcare that patient engagement weakens the physician or provider of health care- patient relation.


Cleaning your hands was the multimodal and intended to enhance compliance of hand hygiene. The program had a guide to application and a plan intended at enhancing patient empowerment and information. For evaluating the accomplishment of the program, hand hygiene audits in H.C.Ws were carried out for over 6 month time period. Moreover, the data was obtained from the patient surveys, staff surveys, alcohol hand-rub consumption levels and meetings with onsite lead. The local program showed that multimodal program produced a huge rise in compliance of hand hygiene (from thirty-two percent to sixty-three percent), with seventy-four percent of workers reporting enhanced compliance all through the program. Consumption of alcohol hand-rub is enhanced by one hundred and eighty-four percent. Most of the patients showed that public must be engaged actively in assisting health care providers to enhance their hand cleanliness.


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