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Education Experience of Latin American Immigrants in U.S A

Latin American Immigrants in U.S A The immigrants from Asian and Pacific regions who attended vocational programs and community colleges account for 32.3 percent. In contrast, a significant proportion of the native-born Latinos (32.8 percent) attended community colleges. The authors have highlighted the major reason for the decision to attend community college is due to …

Introvert and Extrovert – A Match Up Or A Break Up?

A Match Up Or A Break-Up? They say that those people who are shy, lonely, apprehensive and nervous are known to be introverts. However, the truth is that these people feel the happiest when they are with themselves. The rumors about introverts hating the company of other people and are antisocial are utter nonsense. They …

International Peace and Security

Maintenance of international peace and security When created in 1945, following a second devastating world war, the United Nations has been provided by its founding members a priority objective i.e. the maintenance of peace and security. United Nations activities cover mainly the areas of war prevention, peacekeeping and taking enforcement action. To ensure full effectiveness, …

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