3 Tips for Hybrid Classes

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3 Tips for Hybrid Classes

What are Hybrid Classes?

Hybrid courses provide remote learning features that enable face-to-face classroom experiences, such as online activities and pre-recorded video training. Hybrid courses incorporate the best attributes of in-person and online learning when well organized while making college more attainable for a lot of students.

3 Tips for Hybrid Classes

To be effective in hybrid learning, the elements of the hybrid course need to be adapted to the educational format, in person or online.

Familiarise with the technology

Chances have you used internet tools from your school until the pandemic happened. Polish up on your forum and website information to make sure you know where tasks are uploaded, what codes you need to unlock everything, how to get in touch with your instructor, to where you can find class content.


Be open to any difficulties you may have this year, with your classmates and teachers. You may have difficulty focussing on home schoolwork, a slow internet connexion, a laptop to share with your siblings, or trouble with a subject you’re going to learn about this year.

Know when and how assignments are due

You ‘re used to trying to keep track of what things are due, but now you just have to be vigilant how. Keep your calendar updated with all the details you need to send the task, so you won’t unintentionally turn up to the empty-handed class or skip the deadline for submitting a job.

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