Alcohol Abuse by Youngsters

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Alcohol Abuse by Youngsters

When does a youngster alcohol abuse?

A person is said to be abusing alcohol when his life at home and work is seriously disrupted. Alcohol abuse refers to the pattern of drinking which disrupts the normal functioning of life and a person stays in a state of trance for most of the day. Among different people, youngsters are most likely to abuse alcohol than older people. It is a way out to avoid facing challenges, problems, and difficulties in life. A person starts abusing alcohol when he is going through the severe stressful situation. Constant stress makes him abuse alcohol as a way to find solace in life. But in reality abusing alcohol is never a solution to problems. In fact by developing such a habit things only get even worse. Under the influence of alcohol, a person forgets everything about his surroundings and problems he is going through. It is the easiest way to avoid problems and remain such a condition for most of the day.

Alcohol Abuse

Some people take alcohol occasionally and they are only likely to drink on special occasions like a dinner party or even a festival. But once drinking becomes chronic and a person feels a strong urge to drink then it is the addiction. It is not very easy to overcome alcohol addiction just like drugs that are also very hard to quit. Giving up on alcohol requires medical intervention and doing so without the assistance of experts can prove to be fatal.

Alcohol abuse can lead to serious health complications. It has the potential to severely deteriorate vital organs. Some of the organs in the body, especially, liver is more susceptible to alcohol abuse. It leads to fatal diseases like liver cirrhosis, hepatitis C, and other ailments. These ailments can eventually lead to death once liver starts malfunctioning.

Alcohol abuse among women can be more detrimental to health even if the similar amount has been consumed by a woman. Women are more prone to ill-effects of chronic alcohol abuse. It impairs their normal functioning more than men. It leads to the slow reflex response, dizziness and slurred speech. It takes the heavier toll on women’s body than men. It speeds up the deterioration of liver, heart and other vital organs of the body. If timely treatment is not sought chronic alcohol abuse can lead to death.

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