Assignment on Malicious Code and Activity

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Assignment on Malicious Code and Activity

All types of malicious software such as trojans, adware, viruses, spyware, and ransomware come under the umbrella of malware. Various forms and shapes can be undertaken by them due to their highly sophisticated nature.

While prevention of new infections is catered by different antispyware and antivirus programs, however, already influenced PCs cannot be fixed by them. Whereas, threats already present into the computer can be removed and detected effectively by dedicated anti-malware software through means of the scan of the installed programs, operating systems files and registry contents of the Windows. Identification of these threats can be performed better by understanding the differences between these different malware types.

Access to PC can be prevented by ransomware. It locks the files, or the screen of the PC less sufficient amount of money is paid to the hacker. Another malware that hides on the computer is spyware. The online activity is monitored by spyware through the collection of habits of internet surfing, passwords, and keystrokes. Besides, illegal backdoor elements are added to the websites and programs of the PC. Whereas, on the other hand, the performance of the system and the hard drive are damaged by viruses. Due to hours of possible replacement and repair work of the computer, vast amounts of money can cost. Along with this, they have the capability of transferring from one PC to another.

Another type of malware is adware which leads one to unexpected pop-ups advertisements or a specific page whenever a browser is started on the PC. The performance of the computer gets slow down significantly by this malware. It also directs the users to fraudulent advertisements at times. Last but not least, is the Trojans which are benign applications or files. Digital backdoors are created by this type of malware. In addition, personal files and data can also be stolen by hackers through this malware. It can also direct the hacker to one’s computer for sending out spams to other users.


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