Assignment on Recipient of Legacy Award

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Assignment on Recipient of Legacy Award

The principal objective of the legacy award recognizes essential contributions of a company or an individual that benefit the objectives and mission of any reputable organization and by leaving a legacy for the enhancement of the professional industry.

The legacy award is awarded to someone who has given a lasting and positive impact through either non-financial or financial contributions towards the objectives and mission of any reputable organization. I am a high school senior and hereby aims to apply for the legacy scholarship. It will encourage my family tradition of attending a specific college. I originally completed my schooling from Granbury High School and also maintained excellent academic accomplishments in school. I even had been a valuable member of my school’s golf team for four consecutive years as the regional qualified junior year.

Moreover, I also used my excellent leadership skills to help my team in winning matches. I also have extra-ordinary people with management skills. I encouraged my team members and helped them in developing new skills and taking pride in what has been constructed by them. I truly embody leadership qualities and do have the capability of becoming a remarkable industry leader. Also, I have been known for my magnetic personality and has been an active member of the National Honor Society. Besides, I plan that when I acquire this legacy scholarship, I will stay dedicated to maintain and grow my professional and career field.

In addition, I also had been well-known for my warmth and caring personality. This legacy scholarship will eventually help me in accomplishing my objectives in acquiring my college degree. I can strive to make my upcoming profession and career more effective through my leadership skills and can eventually leave a substantial impact and legacy in my profession industry.


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