Bad Effects of Television Advertisements on Teenagers

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Bad Effects of Television Advertisements on Teenagers

The bad effects of television advertisement

Most of the teenage girls are obsessed with media pictures of beautiful models being shown during a TV program. They love their physique and try to adopt habits as to emulate them. Some advertisements related to have a shining and flawless skin are shown and young girls become obsessed to make their appearance exactly the same as they see it on TV. In order to achieve their objectives to appear attractive and physically fit they are ready to go to any length. They try different things and when they fail to achieve that they feel low. Read the following academic paper provided by Order Custom Papers and learn more about the “Bad Effects of Television Advertisements on Teenagers”.

Television Advertisements

Television advertisements are far away from reality. In fact, the highly attractive models shown on media do not exactly look like that in reality. They too have flaws on their skin but in order to sell products companies hire models that are likely to have such an influence on young minds. Due to such advertisements, some girls develop very low self-esteem. They may have flaws in their appearance and try to emulate their favorite models and when they fail to achieve their objective they feel disheartened. With their obsession to look like their favorite celebrity they try anything and in that process, other areas of their lives also get badly affected. It makes them more irritable and frustrated when they are not able to look like their desired model.

In some extreme cases, teenagers even develop eating disorders like bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa. These disorders are very difficult to overcome and once a person develops one of these disorders he or she become obsessed with maintaining an ideal body weight shown on advertisements. These disorders completely ruin a person’s life and make him or her appear very pale and week over the course of time. Young girls workout excessively to tone their body weight in order to appear exactly like their favorite model.

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