Code of Ethics in an Organization

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Code of Ethics in an Organization

Code of Ethics

The purpose of this essay is to acquaint readers with the concept of corporate culture, as the Code of Ethics, to draw attention to the need for its development in business and government organizations and structures in order to guide employees and managers not only to personal income and profits, but also on ethical values their professional work, which will contribute to improving the overall economic development of both the organization and society as a whole.

What is the code of ethics?

Code of Ethics, developed in an organization, should reflect the basic ethical and professional values of employees of the organization. The form of the Code may be arbitrary, but in its development, as a rule, it is recommended to adhere to certain mandatory rules:

1. Presence in the introductory part of the Code (or preamble).

2. Development of the main part (should reflect the mission of the organization, adopted a system of values, rules of conduct of employees). The system of values and rules of conduct for employees of the organization can be expressed in the Code in the form of duties, and in the form of prohibitions. For example, the wording may sound like this: “The members of the organization are required to …” Or this: “Members of the organization is prohibited …” Code developed by the organization, as a rule, specially created for this task a group of employees, which is based on the results of the research developed in the culture of the organization, test results, and questionnaires.

The Code is one of the most important management resources, an important element of reputation management, it can both reflect and reinforce the existing system of values in a team, and to adjust it in order to further the economic and ethical development of the organization. A well-designed code, clearly reflecting its core ethical and professional position, can contribute to more quickly adapt to the new team of staff to carry out teaching and educational function. Sometimes a new employee to quickly acquainted with his new organization and easier joined a new team, it is sufficient to introduce the Code of Ethics of the organization. If it set out in operating principles, objectives and tasks of the organization, its mission, and values alien to the employee, he will be able to immediately, without being pulled into a long conflict, to get an idea about the organization and refuse to cooperate with it already in the early stages of dating.



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