Communication between a doctor and patient

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Communication between a doctor and patient

Communication – Doctor and patient

Communication between doctor and patient must necessarily take place under conditions of confidentiality. The principle of medical confidentiality – this is one of the most important moments in the work of a qualified professional. The doctor has no right to disclose the information received during the consultation or examination, without the prior consent of the part of the sick person. The results of laboratory and instrumental studies should be provided directly to the patient in person. In that case, if the sick person can not get to the doctor, the results can be sent to him in safe packages . They ensure safety and confidentiality of the documents placed in them.

Why is communication between doctor and patient-important?

Some diseases cause people a sense of shame, and they do not want anyone to be recognized by their illness. To chat as comfortable as possible for the patient, the doctor should provide the reception, during which nobody else did see or hear. It is essential that specialist guarantee the confidentiality, has created all the conditions for the careful storage of medical records with limited access to it, he was talking about the patient with medical staff or strangers.

Respect for the patient, the high culture of communication, increased attention while listening to complaints or inspection will create a relationship of trust between doctor and patient. In this case, the sick person will have no reason to withhold certain information that may assist in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Your doctor can provide information without the consent of the patient to third parties in case of impossibility of the sick person to express his will, the detection of certain diseases with highly contagious, if illegal acts in relation to the patient, ill-treatment of a child, when assisting a patient in whom at least fifteen years, and in the case of investigative or judicial process.

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