Criminal Law

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Criminal Law

The main focus of the criminal law

There are presently numerous laws that are designed to regulate and maintain the behavior and atmosphere within the society. The criminal law regulates the social conduct and forbids the threatening, killing, harming also endangering the health, moral welfare of the people and safety as well. Criminal law is the body of law that is related to crime. It includes the punishment whosoever violates these laws. Criminal law is an avenue of public morality that describes and expresses the behavior in a society.

What is the criminal law?

Criminal law is the pillar of criminal justice system. This law states the conduct of an arrest by the police, imprison, or a trial before the court. Criminal law does not only have its focus on the crimes such as rape, murder or robbery. However, there are various and different types of criminal codes in different countries such as in Florida it is illegal to have a possession of any type of tobacco product in an elevator. In Rhode Island, whoever is caught voluntarily in possession with a dangerous weapon will be imprisoned for seven years. In Wyoming, one can be arrested if caught being drunk while skiing. However, there are various laws enforced on various countries for example; a punishment to the person playing dominos on a Sunday, cursing on a golf course or even performing a wedding ceremony when the bride or the groom is drunk.

Benefits of the criminal law

It is understood that the criminal law protects the interest of the society whereas the civil law is different with respect to criminal law in the aspects that the civil law protects only the individual’s interests. However, there are different types of criminal law in which they are categorized into Felony and Misdemeanors. The crime, which is punishable for less than a year, is called the Misdemeanor crimes. This is further classified into a Gross Misdemeanors, which is subject to punish the criminal between six and twelve months. Other than this the Felony is the punishment in which the guilty is imprisoned for more than a year or sentenced to death and further subdivided into Capital felonies are the ones in which it does not allow the death felony but describes a prison for life. In fact, there are also different degrees of crimes that are termed as violations or infractions. These crimes compose of only fines and modest social harm and nothing like a death penalty or imprisoned for life. These crimes are so minor that the law forbids the act of imprisonment example; violating the traffic rules and regulations.

In general, the purpose of the criminal law is to maintain and establish the rules and regulations as well as the boundaries within the society and impose a punishment to those who violates the society regulations. Based on the crime made, the criminal law has the authority whether the criminal is to be imprisoned or to be rehabilitated. In regard to the absence of the criminal law, the individuals would freely do the crimes and face no troubles for violating the public moral rules and regulations.


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