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Buy Custom Written Essays on Bullying in High School

Bullying in High School

Bullying Essays

Bullying can indeed be very harmful to the victim who is being targeted by certain individuals in groups and even alone. Excessive bullying can lead to severe psychological disabilities if it is not controlled by the responsible authorities in the school. Bullying is basically a way of intimidating an individual through verbal abuse and in certain cases can even become physical to let down the victim. People who usually bully others are actually weak people and they do it to feel better about themselves. They do it as to exert their authority over a victim to feel superior. If immediate action is not taken by the parents of a victim and the bullying continues it can lead to serious problems in adulthood. The victim who usually suffers can become isolated due to low self-esteem and in some case, it can even lead to suicidal tendencies. Read the custom essay writing further to learn more about “Bullying in High School”.

There have been many children in high school who have attempted suicide and in some cases, they even succeeded. Since bullying can affect a victim’s self-esteem school authorities must take certain measures to control it. It even leads to disrupted concentration and as a result, the victim is not able to do well in his/her academics. The parents of the victim must observe their child’s behavior. If a child is suffering from bullying he/she tends to keep quite most of the time and even avoid social gatherings because of extremely low self-esteem. The child may suffer from depression and panic disorders when exposed to certain social situations.

How can an individual can be helped?

One of the best ways to control bullying problem is school authorities should discourage this behavior in students who tend to be more aggressive. There should be a punishment for responsible individuals so that they can mend their ways. Moreover, parents can seek psychological help from a professional psychologist. They complain about the school that their child is being victimized and it is affecting his/her overall behavior and attitude towards studies.

Bullying is everywhere

Bullying problem is not just restricted to high school as it is also practiced in professional organizations. Some employees are victimized and they too suffer from a low self-esteem. In order to control it, victims should seek professional help so that they can effectively build their defenses towards individuals who bully them.


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