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           Electronic Commerce

Electronic commerce or e-commerce is the division of e-business that includes the trading of goods and benefits through computer networks by persons, commerce, governments, and other organizations. According to the usual faith, e-commerce is not just present on the network. E-commerce was used in the transactions for business to business by means of electronic data interchange through value added networks. The e-commerce is the purpose of modern and promising resource and communication automation that carry out the business. These involve the current automation such as telephone and fax, cell phones, e-mail, and various web-based benefits. E-commerce could be useful in managing the business relationships in profits and could support the young entrepreneurs successfully to supervise and sprint their business. The e-commerce can generate opportunities and interactions with consumers, customers, and partners. E-commerce can also improve the efficiency in internal business and also the appearance of the new goods and values. E-commerce can be involved in the business with business to consumers. The trading of business is done through using the shopping cart software.

Business to Business

E-commerce can be conducted by the means of business to business. Companies’ performing the business with everyone such as the manufacturers sold goods to the distributors and wholesalers retailing with the retailers. The costs are based on the amount of order and it is usually transferable. A customer can place his orders with exact budget online and companies can response the client’s necessities within few hours and submitting the project. The company is then selected by the customer that will be allowed to complete the project. The private, bargains, conventions are provide free of cost on most of the sites from where the customers can trade easily. Online system payment has made it easy for the individuals to send and collect the payment online with relieve. The benefits are provided by the e-commerce to the business by means of the enhanced productivities and heightened earnings. The e-commerce can allow the new platforms that can assure the business of entrepreneur to face new challenges in the future and grasp the new market. It allows the individuals to increase admittance to better quality information and empowering the individual to take decisions for their business.

E-commerce also provide assistance in choosing the better suppliers and more economical costs, which can reduces the price of materials. The advertising of business online can reduce the costs of the marketing and distribution. It can be useful for the young entrepreneur because the number of customers can reach the particular publicity and follow the updates. The opportunities for business to sell through the internet have decreased the costs of trading domestically and internationally. The search engine marketing is the form of marketing on internet that companies utilize to encourage their commodities and benefits on internet. Search engine markets are focusing on the effective utilization of search engines on the internet.


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