Effective Teamwork

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Effective Teamwork

What is a Team?

A team is not a group of people who have similar job titles; it’s rather a bunch of many individuals, whose roles are correlated and interlinked with those of other members. Individuals in a team are assigned different roles which they seem to perform in the most effective manner possible. Teams should be formed by a structured process, based on determining the skills of every individual. In order to build an effective team, it is essential that the different strengths of every individual are acknowledged and other team members are supportive of their fellow team members. Teams should be developed according to the strengths and weaknesses of people at the workplace. Effective teams always strive to build positive working relationships, build self-awareness and develop mutual belief.

What is Employee Satisfaction?

Employee satisfaction and the attitudes of group are major elements for determining the success or failure of an organization. Attitudes of team members towards their fellow members reflect a person’s likes/dislikes towards another individual or policies, objects, activities, events and towards his general environment. Individual behaviors also impact team building. Personal characteristics of individuals, their objectives, and interests, the extent of influence that they have over others, their interpersonal skills and a good interaction with others are all factors that influence team building. In this swiftly improving technological age, the study about employee attitudes towards their work has become more than vital. Technological changes and innovation has made it easier to understand employee motivations, their attitudes, and expectations towards work, pay, benefits, promotion and other advantages or inadequacies associated with their jobs.

Technological Innovation

Technological innovation has a huge impact on employee engagement and effective team building. Maintaining adequate employee engagement is a real challenge confronting nearly every business today. Other than salaries and various benefits, it is crucial for businesses to maintain a working environment their employees feel motivated and engaged. All employees should have a feeling that they are working towards the achievement of a common goal and that they have a say in business strategy. In order to achieve business growth, it is important to have an engaged staff. An engaged staff will increase productivity and organizational development. Although globally employee engagement levels are increasing, there is still a room for improvement which technology can fill for sure. One way technology can boost employee engagement is by internal social media. By engaging on a common portal, employees can appreciate each other, confide in each other about their limitations and inhibitions. Instant messaging allows employees to be grateful and friendly to their fellow employees. Another way to utilize technology in enhancing employee engagement can be done through the points system. Online platforms can be used by managers to instantly allocate points or credit to an employee who is performing well.

Managers can also use such platforms to greet and congratulate their employees when they demonstrate exceptional performance. Having workplace-specific social media platforms also help managers in giving frequent feedback to their employees. Annual performance reviews are too sporadic to uphold employee engagement but when an employee is constantly given feedback about his strengths and weaknesses, he can improve himself and can benefit the organization in a far better manner. If properly incorporated, technology can immensely amplify employee engagement at workplaces.


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