Effects of Overpopulation on Environment

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Effects of Overpopulation on Environment

The effects of overpopulation on Earth

Human population is becoming the main concern of environmental issues that is silently infuriating the reasons behind global warming, habitat loss, intensive farming, environmental pollution and the consumption of natural resources like fossil fuels, fresh water, and land. However, ecological matters are just the start.

What is overpopulation?

Overpopulation is the unpleasant condition where the number of existing human population surpasses the capacity of Earth. Factors involving overpopulation includes reduced mortality rate, advancement in medical facilities and reduction of valuable resources.

However, there are plenty of reason that causes danger to the environment and has an immense effect due to the overpopulation. The effects of overpopulation are quite rigorous, especially because of the depletion of the natural resources. The earth is able to generate a limited amount of water and food, which is declining the current needs. For the fifty years, the environment is being damaged due to the growing number of individuals on the planet. Due to the increased number of people, deforestation is taking place, hunting wildlife, pollution through cars and factories, and creating various other problems are causing damage to the environment on a large scale. Moreover, acts of hostility and violence are proceeding tremendously outside of a war zone while competing for resources.

Another impact of overpopulation on the environment is the overuse of oil, natural gas and coal that has started creating some serious effects. On the other hand, the rise of the production of vehicles and industries has increased massively that are affecting the quality of fresh air. The increased of CO2 discharged leads to have an impact on global warming. Hence, changing of climate patterns, melting of polar ice caps, and the rise of sea level are some of the consequences that globalization might have to face due to the environment pollution.

Overpopulation in developing countries

Overpopulation in most developing countries creates major issues on the resources that it should be utilizing for the greater purpose such a development. Conflicts on resources like water are becoming a serious situation between countries, resulting in war. The risk of unemployment can be devastating and is rising rapidly with fewer jobs available in the market. The rise of unemployment forces people to steal various items to fulfill the basic needs of survival that includes shelter and food. Due to overpopulation, certain demands continue to expand increasing the prices of commodities, which becomes difficult for people to pay and survive.


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