Effects of Technology on Sex

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Effects of Technology on Sex

Effects of Technology

People from all over the world are allowing technology to affect their relationship and sex lives. It seems that the obsession with digital technology can be detrimental to the love lives for real. It is easy to believe that people prefer to touch their smartphones more than touching their partners. There are numerous claims that technology is evolving and rewiring the human brain, mainly through video games, social media and the internet in which pornography is included. It is a serious issue regarding the influence of technology on a human brain especially that of children and adolescents.

Brain Activity

Naturally, the brain is involved in arousal, sexual desire and even satisfaction. Moreover, neurological rewiring due to technology could definitely influence all of these attributes. Sex and technology have become trendy are through internet dating along with many other apps. Most People try to find love through social media and sometimes get a fruitful result. The desires come naturally and the adult industry has kept up with the mobile advancement technology to enhance the experience, creating usual sex hook up popular apps like Tinder. Cybersex, on the other hand, is a technology that couples often connect with mainly when they are apart and in a long distance relationship. Skype sex along with a webcam helps perfectly to interact with the lover. However, the sensation of this desire will not be as pleasing as it should it in real life. Sexting is another form of using technology for sensational purposes and mostly observed from the adolescents.

Sexual Desire

Having sexual desires is common nowadays and with the advancement in technology, it is easier to please oneself or the partner with specific devices. On the other hand, technology may cause problems in sexual behavior, including delay satisfaction, distractibility, and impulsivity. If technology is becoming the main reason for the increase of population, mostly youth, sexual consequences are not complex to formulate. For example, an impulsive individual who is not concerned with the consequences of the actions is at higher threat for indulging in unprotected sexual activity.

Sex-tech is an opportunity for businesses, advertisers and entrepreneurs giving them challenges to make the impossible possible. On a social level, technologies are producing sex of all kinds with the help of advanced technologies, more available and accessible, challenging taboos in the process.


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