Elimination of Racism

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Elimination of Racism


Deciding to hate and disgust people based on the color and appearance of their skin is disgraceful, similarly, presuming that all white people are racist by birth based strictly upon the color of their skin is atrocious too. Racism is the ultimate issue concerning the world. Many individuals are unaware of the increase of racism that still exists in the society, workplace, schools, and where social lives are taking place. It is a fact, that many years ago, racism existed and was considered bad and awful, and yet it continues to exist in the modern world. People believed that a person was brought into the world as a racist, yet many people do not agree with it. However, individuals cannot be born racist but thought to become one from their surroundings.

Hence, racism is attitudinal as well as institutional, effective and efficient strategies against it are necessary to overcome the dual character. The exclusion of institutionalized racism involves a conscious plan and development of attitudinal transformation. The main purpose of attempting to transform racist patterns of contemplation and action should be resolved by the political and social change.

Is racism impossible to resolve?

Some people find racism impossible to resolve or leave the discussion unsolved. The people should have real conversations in helping out resolve the problem rather than providing excuses to cause cruelty and violence. Victims can become aggressive if they are not forgiving or unwilling to move forward. Another issue that rises towards racism is the color differentiation. People should stop considering themselves superior from the minorities and those who are darker in color than others are. God enjoys variety and people should feel the same. Accepting the diversity of color and sameness can help each other appreciate the way they have been created.

Observe the children carefully in the parks or at home. They are not concerned with who is black and who is white. They just look for security, trust, and fun when playing and talking with different people. People should learn from their own kids who do not consider their minorities as racist. Moreover, every individual has natural prejudice regarding others due to suspicions, fears, unknowns, and stereotypes. Furthermore, most people are not racist. Through education, integration, and humility one can overcome prejudice but racism is a spiritual subject that concerns with pride and other affairs of the heart. Any conversation on race calls for thick skin coupled with an ability to distinguish between right and wrong. Jumping into conclusions seldom solves any matter.

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