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What is Ethics?

Ethics is always a key issue in psychology as a profession, guide decisions and actions in all areas and is the core of the profession itself. Therefore, the professional and investigative practice of psychologist must be supported in solid ethical knowledge to enable it to perform work efficiently and responsibly. Hence, the importance of establishing a set of rules governing the professional work of the psychologist is to avoid iatrogenic behaviors that put into question the prestige of the profession and the health of those who demand their services. With the premise that professional ethics studies the social morality in their specific manifestation concerns dissimilar professions; the moral requirements that regulate the interaction of specialists with the objects of their work, the man’s attitude toward their professional duty and through this, to the people whom you are bound under the character of their profession and to society in general.

Field of Psychology

There are a number of organizations and agencies operating worldwide in the field of psychology. These organizations operate on specific guidelines and principles. Among the associations, American Psychological Association is the most known organization. Beside APA, Association for Psychological Science and Australian Psychological Association are also known for their work. The purpose of these agencies is mainly based on research to analyze and overcome the psychological issues among humans. As mentioned above, the focus of this essay is to highlight professionalism among psychologist while treating their clients. Guidelines and Standards Australian Psychology Association published their guidelines and principles in 2007 and since that the organization reviewed the guidelines on regular basis. The code has been developed by a continuous process of ongoing reflection in relation to the society. Psychotherapists first, in addition to all professionals in one way or another are related to therapy, perhaps constitute the group of people, rather than some other set of experts, who are faced with the true complexity of human personality, due to the large number of biological, genetic, cultural, and social factors play an important role in the life of customers. Psychotherapy is not a legal matter, even though it has implications in legal proceedings of some individuals; which are not just a conversation, but it is a dialogue.

Important Thing

One important thing to note regarding patient autonomy is that it is a reality and respect that should be the same, but never in the same way. One lose the perspective that the therapist who directs therapy and therefore is the most responsible for everything that happens at that time, responsibility only entitles the therapist to provide help and alternatives to patient or group of patients addicted, at the same time makes them responsible for choosing the alternatives offered by the therapist. Again the high level of preparation that must have a professional engaged in this type of activity and manifests as each of the ethical problems that have been mentioned and analyzed, a well as intertwined with each other is also shown. If in case the psychologist or professional who is in charge of the therapy make the mistake of having some unethical conduct, it could easily unleash a chain of them. Psychology professional ethics is an inherent issue to science, for being human subjectivity in its work object, and so there is no room for error. This implies that the formation of the psychologist, perhaps more than any other, is governed by sound ethical principles for the performance of the profession.


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