History of Porsche

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History of Porsche

The History of Porsche Company

The history of Porsche Company started in the 1900’s when Ferdinand Porsche, at a very young age designed his first ever electric car named “Lohner-Porsche” that functioned with the help of a wheel hub motors in Paris. With this design, he also gave birth to a hybrid using a gasoline engine and named it “Semper Vivus”. A milestone came in Ferdinand’s career when he became the technical Director of Austro-Daimler, which was one of the Europe’s top automobile companies in 1906 at the age of 31. In the year 1922, Ferdinand developed a racing car named “Sascha” with Austro-Daimler. It had a greater engine competency and won more than 43 races.

Ferdinand Porsche-Company

The year 1931 was the year when Ferdinand Porsche started his own company with the name Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche GmbH” comprising of only 12 people working together and covering the whole automotive engineering. In that year, Porsche produced and dealt with only vehicle development and consultation and did not develop cars under its brand name. The German government gave only the liberty to produce cars for the people commonly known as Volkswagen. After the production of Volkswagen Beetle that people saw the potential in that company and soon later during the World War II, they started to produce Beetle that was the military version known as Kübelwagen as well as Schwimmwagen. Porsche on the other hand designed vehicles for the war as a tank, which then was, overtook by Henschel & Son. Nevertheless, the Elefant tank destroyer that was operating as base still belongs to Porsche. Not long then, in 1948, Porsche developed and gave birth to a 356VW sports car. Considering the same design and concept as for the Volkswagen or type 64 Berlin racing car- Rome, the domestic production number 356 released in 1948. The prototype Porsche 356 with the chassis number 356-001 gave a road permit by the Carinthia government. Soon it marked the name of the brand Porsche sports car.

In 1961, Ferry Porsche developed a “skid pad” for the chassis testing which still been used until today. In the early 80’s additional installations were added  in the Weissach development center such as the wind tunnel, exhaust testing, crash facility, and wide range of engine testing centers. The center is considered the hot spot for the world engineers with its highly innovative and modern facilities.

The founding of Porsche Services GmbH made an astonishing success in 1996. The engineering services of Porsche managed to get the legal entity in Bietigheim-Bissingen where the teams of Porsche Engineers are gathered for projects.

Ferdinand Porsche-Death

Porsche died at the age of 76, stroke becoming a complicated reason. Until now, Porsche has established tremendous cars with an extremely high value of production. The Porsche 911 was a success and became an eminent ionic model of all times. A memorandum of understanding was signed by Porsche in 1990 with Toyota in order to learn Japanese methods of production and is still being assisted by the Toyota in the field of Hybrid technology. The CEO Porsche was then Heinz Branitzki who was a former employee of the Porsche Company until 1993 when Dr. Wiedeking came was put in the position of the CEO.


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