Impact of using technology in classroom setting

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Impact of using technology in classroom setting


The technology is very important in the processes of early childhood education. Today all children adapt very easily to the use of new technologies and adults who have difficulty adapting more. It has been seen in studies of education icons, photos, and other visual symbols are important for early development of reading and learning, and facilitating the development of speech, writing and reading. Since computers/iPad are composed of icons; many children feel that these electronic devices help them and are very accessible to them. However, it should always be the critical areas in the circle of early learning in preschools.

Education Experts

Music, dance, visual arts, physical activity, exposure to nature and build social skills are areas that must not be compromised. The secret to integrate technology into preschool classrooms is it as any other tool or material for teaching specific skills and concepts.  Education experts say the iPad is not just a fun toy, but a very powerful tool that is changing the face of education. Development needs and learning at an early age are coupled very well with the appropriate utilization of technology in the classroom, especially employing iPads. These way students can learn by exploring a way to promote collaboration and communication for more effective learning.

Information and Communications Technologies

For some time now it has been equipping schools in the city and in the country with computers, educational software and internet access for improving the quality of education. However, there have been no studies to identify in advance what happens in classrooms with teaching and learning when teachers make use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) students. The most frequently observed uses of computers in the classroom are:

I) teach, practice and exercise;

ii) provide simulation;

iii) solve problems and develop products and

iv) provide access to information and communication.

The use of ICT to teach practice and exercise suggests that the teacher has a learning philosophy centered on the transmission of knowledge, in which the student is a recipient of these, repeats and reproduces as closely as possible. Studies show that children show diversity in learning styles and that the optimal way to learn is more than just a traditional way where a teacher verbally guides them teaching.

All educators must be more sensitive about teaching these different learning styles, especially when there is a diverse population of students as in countries like Australia. Many of these needs development and learning are coupled very well with an appropriate use of technology especially exploring, with manipulation of symbolic representation, using styles of alternative learning and adjusting the procedures of each learning that the student can control and adjust to meet their individual needs. There is also a danger that the technology can be used inappropriately in classrooms, but that are adequate training and regular teachers. It is also very important that parents are involved in teaching their children at home when it comes to technology. Put them restrictions should know their children so that they learn to take advantage.

They are also to teach digital ethics, which is able to distinguish right from wrong in this area, either with social networks or sending texts and even not copy information from the internet without citing where it came from. Review based on Research In a broadcast model student need not exercise their capabilities, you do not have to look for answers or explanations, because since the teacher gives them. This method is the same for all students and all occasions


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