Importance of Gym classes in school

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Importance of Gym classes in school

Gyms in school

Ever wished you had a gym in your school? Well, Gyms in schools are not cheap. Survey says that in 2009 the school gym programs cost around $500,000. It costs a lot of money to set up a physical education program in the US. CBS news states that only 8 percent of schools in America are offering gym classes within the school in 2009. However, despite the cost, gym classes in schools offers huge importance and benefits, from fighting and facing fears to improving mind skills.

Importance of Gym

Fighting Obesity:

According to doctors, physical exercises in schools and colleges are the most effective ways of having an active mind. It also helps in fighting the obesity of a child. Being active in the schools and throughout the day can prevent unhealthy weight gains. The NASPE in America recommends the elementary students should at least spend 90 minutes of their time in the gym once a week and at least four to five hours for middle school and high school students.

Grades Improvement:

Exercises in gym classes in school can actively increase the functions of a brain. Gym classes are not only for beating obesity and physically active but enhance the productivity of the brain. WebMD has reported in the research of the year 2010 that centers for Disease prevention and control has disclosed that 50 students in their 23-year of the period were physically active and are better in academic performance than the students who are physically inactive and avoid doing exercises. The reason for being active physically is because the blood flows through the brain and can increase the functions in the brain resulting in the improvement of learning, behavior, concentration and memorizing.

Developing Healthy lifestyle:

Gym classes provide the students to have an active mind and physically fit while they are in school. However, gym classes have a long lasting effect on the students. It provides the students to have healthy sports and activities to enjoy for the rest of their lives. The students bring that positive attitude with them at home after school and can have a healthy relationship with the parents as well as have a proper sleep routine.

Developing Skills:

Skills are produced and shown when the environment is favorable for the students. Students tend to develop a variety of skills when being actively present in the school gyms. It tends to provide and develop leadership skills and moral development because these activities require students to help and work with each other.

If you have a gym in your school, consider yourself lucky and never miss the opportunity of availing such classes because it can enhance your skills in many ways.


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