Importance of Nurse Education today

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Importance of Nurse Education today

Education of Health Workers

The education of health workers is an area that requires effort to improve educational methods that effectively understand the multidisciplinary team. To promote the development of the work process, it is necessary to create educational strategies to encourage the participation of nurses in the health area and thus enable professional training. This is where nurse education becomes imperative. Education is a lifelong process that seeks alternatives and solutions to real health problems experienced by people and groups in their realities. Understanding that Nursing is a healthcare profession in which various factors that may interfere with their work process, such as strong emotional and physical burden, atypical working hours, long hours, lack of staff, lack of autonomy are located, and motivation, there is a need for such educational activities that are a reality in the daily healthcare service today. The concept of education is related to the nursing profession, considering that in all actions of this profession there are educational practices to promote professional and personal development.

Nursing Education

Nursing education is also important to define concepts of Continuing education, and education Service, as understanding their differences is the first step in bringing these educational practices oriented teamwork together. Importantly, Continuing Education, Continuing Education, and Education Service are processes characterized by the continuity of the educational activities, although they are based on different methodological, and when implemented together, they enable the professional transformation through skills development and; thus strengthening the work process. In the field of health systems, the debates about education and development of human resources led to contrasting paradigms called “Continuing Education” and “Lifelong Learning”.

Health of Individual

But, today it is a must for maintaining or restoring the health of individuals, families and communities at different stages of life in the process health care management. This share is determined according to the professional roles assumed by nurses within the organizational structure. In academia, the professional future of Nursing should receives knowledge and skills that must prepare them to provide safe and competent general care knowhow efficiently for an indefinite period, without the need for additional education. However, we cannot contend that this preparation is efficient and suitable for 10, 20 or more years of professional experience following the completion of formal studies. Experience shows that the initial content of a course of nursing is quickly exceeded to the extent of the progress of science in health and nursing. In short the nursing education is imperative for a better healthcare future as ursing education prepares future healthcare leader


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