Introvert and Extrovert – A Match Up Or A Break Up?

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Introvert and Extrovert – A Match Up Or A Break Up?

A Match Up Or A Break-Up?

They say that those people who are shy, lonely, apprehensive and nervous are known to be introverts. However, the truth is that these people feel the happiest when they are with themselves. The rumors about introverts hating the company of other people and are antisocial are utter nonsense. They enjoy company just like any other people; the only problem is that it takes time for them to open up to people. On the other hand, extroverts are the kind of people who love the company and enjoy having fun with others. In fact, they get thrilled when they are around people. It seems like they thrived on getting giving attention to others. Giving attention and having fun around are one of the qualities that people get attracted to them.

Introvert and Extrovert

Opposite attract – this is personified theory in the case of an introvert-extrovert relationship. It is a phenomenal relationship having the chemistry and dynamics, making the connection enjoyable.

Extroverts tend to have the need to know about the things happening in life. When in a relationship, Introverts are not supposed to shut themselves off whenever there is an issue pops up. Extroverts find them quite annoying and they need to be told about matters and discuss. By having the tendency of not speaking up can only make things worse. So, speak, share and discuss the problems and may be the best solution could end up helping to resolve the problem.

Being the extrovert in a relationship means to be open in nature and be vociferous about the thoughts popping out. If introverts share, laugh and spend more time with their friends, then that is where the relationship goes wrong. Even though introverts are often lost in their own world or novels, they still love if their partner talks to them or share secrets with them. Introverts often desire things to be shared with them, so that it is possible for them to reciprocate it. However, being introvert is amazing because they will find a way to bring their introvert partner out of their shell but keep in mind that extroverts have to be calm and approachable when facing their partners.

Broader aspect of life

These kinds of relationships can bring a broader aspect of life. The extrovert help brings the introvert out of their cocoon developing a sense of confidence around people. The introvert helps the extrovert to become more focus, grounded and determined about what he/she wants in life. The bottom line is that if there is love between the partner and a friend, they will always see the good in the relationship. It will not matter who is introvert and extrovert, all which matters is the smile that appears in the partner by caring and loving each other.



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