Key Performance Measures of Apple Inc.

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Key Performance Measures of Apple Inc.

Apple Inc is a multinational organization that sells, designs, and develops computer software, consumer electronics, and personal computer. In 1976, this corporation was founded. In terms of the manufacturing of mobile phones, it is the 3rd largest and it is the 2nd largest technology company with respect to revenue. The success of Apple is contributed by its favorable relations among its stakeholders and its effective operations. However, the company mist uses key performance indicators to manage its quality in the market. To measure performance, key performance indicators (KPI) is the term used by various industries.

The critical success factors of an organization are represented by KPI and from sales to finance team, they differ in every organization. The three key KPI of Apple is supply chain management, revenue, employee satisfaction. With respect to its employees, the company updated its KPI and planned to include the training of its employees. In 2009, more than 130000 employees were provided for effective training by the company. Along with this, the company is also committed to maintaining high standards of corporate social responsibility through the supply base.

It has been confirmed by Apple that the company itself and the organizations with which it is doing its business both treat their employees with dignity and respect and provide them safety. Along with this, the company has also taken complete responsibility for the environment of the manufacturing processes where it’s the manufacturing of products takes place.

These KPI measures do align with Apple’s strategy, i.e., outsourcing. The organization does not have its own production or manufacturing facilities. The products of the company are assembled in different countries. This strategy of outsourcing allows Apple to be both efficient and effective. Along with this, the company also has an agile supply chain strategy and a lean supply chain strategy with respect to the industry trajectories and current requirements of the market.

The organization focuses on the elimination of non-valued added products and adding value for its consumers through its lean strategy. Whereas, through its agile strategy it witnesses the market trends and demands of its consumers before the finale launching of its products.

For the supplier program, some key activities have also been included by Apple. 7 clarifying standards are required to be developed by the suppliers. These standards include the working hours of management as well as employees, wages and benefits, involuntary prevention of labor, non-discrimination in pregnancy, dormitories, non-discrimination in medical and juvenile labor protections. For all its manufacturers, various training programs have also been implemented by Apple. For management responsibility and employee rights, effective training was provided to managers, supervisors and more than 133000 employees.


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