Leonardo wins an Oscar!

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Leonardo wins an Oscar!

It Finally Happened

After a long wait and being a part of Oscar nomination for 5 years, Leonardo Dicaprio finally has succeeded in achieving an Oscar award 2016 for the best leading role in “The Revenant”. It was probably an expected and predictable result of the night but the Oscar did the correct decision in awarding him for the best leading role. Back in 1993- Leonardo was nominated for the movie “What’s eating Gilbert Grape?” he was only 19 in that movie and since then he has been struggling for the Oscars.

The Revenant

The movie “The Revenant” has heavily focused on Leonardo’s art of suffering like; crawling in the dirt, eating raw bison liver and surviving on zero temperature was all the worth that got him the Oscars. He proudly beat four successful actors who were featured in many indoor shootings.

The 41-year-old was still shocked even after his name was announced. He solely thanked Mr. Tom hardy and quoted as a brother in his thank you speech. He even included the climate change phenomenon in his speech and made a plea of having to control it. As the movie, “The revenant” was totally about the relationship of a man and nature; he mentioned the crisis back in the year 2015 as being the hottest year of all time. He pleaded immediately to start working together to prevent such climate changes bringing leaders together and providing the men, women, and children the support they needed.

At the Oscars backstage, he continued to enlighten the topic about the climate change and emphasized on the presidential election. Little you may know of actors who are there only to receive the award but Leonardo made an exceptional speech that won many hearts.

About Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio was born on 11th of November 1974 and was the only child of his divorced parents. Before being too disruptive, Leonardo was signed up by his mother at the age of five with an agent that resulted in a debut on one of the popular children’s show.

Leonardo Dicaprio got his success with ups and downs in his career. He received many compliments for his Titanic movie back in 1997 where he played a stunning role of a young boy with good looks and was a big hit in the 90’s. There was much appreciation for his movies like the Departed, Shutter Island, Inception and much more.


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