Paper on Understanding Value Chain

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Paper on Understanding Value Chain

A value chain is a business model that shows how a product or service is created from start to finish.

A value chain for businesses that create things is made up of the processes involved in bringing a product from conception to distribution, as well as everything in between, such as sourcing raw materials, manufacturing operations, and marketing activities.

A value-chain analysis examines the specific methods involved in each aspect of a business’s operations. Value-chain analysis is done to increase production efficiency so that a company may provide the greatest value for the least money.

What is a Value Chain?

A value chain may assist a corporation in identifying inefficient sections of its business and then implementing ways to optimize its operations for optimum efficiency and profitability.
It’s critical for businesses to keep clients feeling confident and secure enough to be loyal, as well as ensure that manufacturing processes are smooth and efficient. This is where value-chain analysis may help.

Michael E. Porter of Harvard Business School created the concept of a value chain in his book Competitive Advantage: Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance.

“Competitive advantage cannot be grasped by looking at a company as a whole,” he stated.

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