Can Religion make a Person Happier?

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Can Religion make a Person Happier?

Are you a religious person? Do you think following the religion can instill a sense of well-being in a person? There are some people who are diehard believers in the unseen. Their way of life is all according to the basic teachings of a particular religion. Their normal daily routine consists of religious rituals that they must perform consistently. Christians go to Church every Sunday to remember God. They confess their sins and pray for well being and happiness of people they love the most. In Islam, people go to the mosque for prayers five times a day to remember God. Their praying rituals are different from Christians but their purpose is similar. They too seek forgiveness from the higher authority of the universe and also pray for happiness and well-being of their loved ones. To some extent, most of the religions in the world have similar teachings. Although the way rituals performed in each religion may differ from one another but the purpose is similar. In this academic writing, we will explore that whether religion can make a person happier. Can religion change the way we live? Can religion make us do better things? Please continue reading to find out.

A Way out in times of Trouble

When we are happy in our lives and get every basic thing that we need to survive we forget about any higher power controlling this entire universe. As soon as we come across tough times some of us start remembering God and seek forgiveness. We pray to God to give us patience and the strength to bear all the difficulties in tough times. This dependence in the unseen is a way to make us feel better psychologically. It makes us happier and in control of ourselves and our circumstances. It gives us strength to face difficulties.

 Religious People are Happier

Happiness is the most valuable thing a person can have in this world. We need to be happy in our daily lives in order to function smoothly. When a person is happy he is more likely to perform better at workplaces compare to those people who live under stress. Religious people see more positives and at the back of their mind, they always have religious support in everything they do. They do not panic easily when things are not going their way. They communicate their problems with God regularly and seek forgiveness for their bad deeds. According to one research students who are religious are more likely to score higher marks (Salmansohn, 2009).

Religion is not something that can be forcefully imposed on someone. It is a person’s personal choice. It comes from within a person who looks to depend on a higher and superior power.

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