Research Paper on Importance of Managers Giving Coaching

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Research Paper on Importance of Managers Giving Coaching

Managers who implement coaching techniques start to immediately develop groups of committed subordinates. These committed subordinates consequently increase their production and contribution to the organizational goals. An increase in production results because opportunities exist for employees to recognize alternate techniques for accomplishing work and solving problems.

Coached subordinates are encouraged to assume ownership of performance objectives. When subordinates are owners of performance objectives, they gain internal motivation to accomplish these objectives. Conversely, when managers establish objectives, employees may perform toward those objectives because of work obligations and not with genuine enthusiasm.

Managers who coach their subordinates, transfer the responsibility and accountability for results to the subordinates. Subordinates then become players when they perceive themselves as a determinant in outcomes and the managers are perceived as a resource.

The transformation of subordinate to a player occurs when the subordinates perceive their managers are identifying them as possessing the skills required to manage responsibilities. When subordinates possess this perception, they will begin to ask for assistance and guidance. Coaching should facilitate changes in the behavior of subordinates; therefore, managers must not let subordinates’ previous experiences dominate the present work expectations.

The coach must demonstrate the leadership function of empowering subordinates to formalize and verbalize their personal aspirations for the future. Empowerment comes by providing subordinates support in recognizing their personal visions and not focusing exclusively on organizational visions. Subordinates tend to be motivated to accept responsibility for personal performance, departmental and organizational achievements after articulation of their personal visions of excellence.

The continuous process of coaching encourages subordinates to achieve greater competencies in the skills which are needed to overcome barriers to performance improvement. An indication that coaching assistance is required becomes apparent when a subordinate with the capability and the experience has declining performance the implementation of managerial coaching strategies should promote self-esteem and job satisfaction for subordinates.

Thus, the organization will profit from improved performances which results in increased productivity and earnings. Consequently, the manager should experience less stress while achieving goals and objectives.

Coaching activities attempt to unite individuals with different experiences, competencies, training, and education. Most problems in organizations can be resolved by utilizing combined expertise. Appropriately, coaching aims toward inspiring subordinates to meet challenging responsibilities, to continue achieving, and to consider themselves as full-scale partners and contributors to the organization.

Team members who regard themselves as full partners actively contribute and participate in the operations of the business. Effective coaches are those who develop achievers, maintain self-confidence in the midst of turbulence, create momentum, and build confidence in others from a foundation of personal qualities manifested by individuals.


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