Review on The 1984 Novel by George Orwell

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Review on The 1984 Novel by George Orwell

Big Brother is watching you’, this quote has been taken from the 1984 novel by George Orwell that is based on the theory of how we are being watched by our governments (big brothers). This novel reflects upon the society that is being controlled by a powerful government which eventually capsize the brain of people so that they are not left with enough capability to think of anything. Citizens are being monitored and watched constantly while they have two choices, one is to hate the government and the second is to either support it. The critical focus must be on how a country’s freedom can be assured when its citizens are being monitored by its government.

Freedom appears to be enjoyed by a country when no one questions the supreme power of the Party and no crimes take place, so was this the critical objective of Big Brother 1984. As it was highlighted in the novel: ‘all shades of meaning and ambiguities had been eradicated out of them. Using vocabulary was quite difficult for philosophical or political discussion or literary purposes’. Through the formulation of Newspeak, free thought can be eliminated by the part and through the use of language the minds of the citizens can be controlled.

Moreover, the message forwarded by the novel is not only limited to the concept that its bad if any government has totalitarianism. As the message also focuses upon those methods through which the people’s lives living in the society can be penetrated by the attitudes of formal government. As Orwell said, ‘the future is controlled by the one who has the capability of controlling the past and the present.’ Similarly, as Orwell claimed that matters can be controlled once minds can be controlled. If the government can control its country’s drawbacks in the past, such as the oppression of the working class, or erosion of any specific gender or race, only then it will be able to provide an excellent future to its citizens.


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