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Economic Diversification

Economic Diversification in the United Arab Emirates With political stability in a boiling region, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have shown some resilience to the decline in hydrocarbon prices, economic growth, although declining, amounting to 3% GDP. UAE GDP is dominated by economic power in Abu Dhabi (60%), including its hydrocarbon production and management of …

Effective Teamwork

What is a Team? A team is not a group of people who have similar job titles; it’s rather a bunch of many individuals, whose roles are correlated and interlinked with those of other members. Individuals in a team are assigned different roles which they seem to perform in the most effective manner possible. Teams …

Critical Essays

Critical Thinking Writing People who want to become professional in any disciplinary field should learn to think logically and critically. It is essential for every particular ambitious student to have different viewpoints and feel that the person is worth something. Regrettably, writing a critical thinking writing is often a concern for a number of high …

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