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Thesis on The Significance of Education and Communication

Education helps in acquiring equality. Education is vital to understanding the concept of the world as an impartial and fair place where equal chances must be provided to everyone. One of the vital factors in education is communication, and such education is essential in order to avoid apparent differences amongst the different social classes and …

The Prevalence of E-cigarettes & Vaping in Schools

Out of numerous eyes-awakening news articles on The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, two news article majorly drew attention on the prevalence of e-cigarettes and vaping in schools. The first news article is ‘I Can’t Stop: Schools Struggle With Vaping Explosion’ from NYTimes by Kate Zernike (2018). The second news article is …

International Peace and Security

Maintenance of international peace and security When created in 1945, following a second devastating world war, the United Nations has been provided by its founding members a priority objective i.e. the maintenance of peace and security. United Nations activities cover mainly the areas of war prevention, peacekeeping and taking enforcement action. To ensure full effectiveness, …

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