Essay on Pros and Cons of Death Penalty

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Essay on Pros and Cons of Death Penalty

In the Criminal Justice system, one of the most debatable problems is the issue of the death penalty or the punishment. The term ‘death penalty’ presents screaming and yelling from both sides individuals who are against it and individuals who are in support of it. Deterrence may be shown by people who are against it, whereas, execution of an innocent person may be supported by other people.

The pros and cons of the death penalty can be well categorized into ten major aspects, i.e., physicians at execution, attorney quality, and closure for families of victims, race, and life in prison vs. death, irrevocable mistakes, retribution, deterrence, constitutionality, and morality. The pros of death penalty include a significant difference between the revenge and the retribution, it is a cost-effective solution, crimes will be continued to be committed by some criminals in the absence of death penalty, the families of the victims and the victims themselves are appeased by it. Also, maximization of justice prevails continuously by the legal system.

Plus, it is humane, painless, and quick and deters criminals from committing serious crimes. Loss of life is one of the threatening things to humans. Therefore, one of the best deterrents when it comes to discouraging individuals from committing serious crimes is the death penalty. Over the years, the procedures of the executive have become more humane, so there is no validity of the statement that the death penalty is unusual and cruel. The death penalty cannot be considered wrong, just because it is apparent that the legal system can make a wrong decision. In the U.S., all the efforts are directed in providing opportunities to prisoners so that the decisions of the court can be challenged by them.

A greater certainty of guilt is also provided by modern methods of detection of crime. In addition to, some closure may be provided to the victims and the victims’ families by the death penalty. This can also help them greatly to heal from suffering. Death penalty deters criminals that are already in jail and are serving life sentences from doing more serious offenses. It has been forwarded by abolitionists that imprisoning someone for their entire life is costlier than executing them, as for them there is no reason to stay alive and sufficient evidence are present for it. One of the significant parts of the process of punishment is retribution. Justice has not been served will be felt by the public in general as well as the victims and their family, and friends.


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