Worst Breach in History

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Worst Breach in History

The act of failing or breaking to observe a specific code of conduct, agreement, or law is referred to as breach. It mainly is the violation of a specific promise, duty, or law. In the computer science field, one of the common types of breaches is the security breach and data breach. Any incident that takes place due to unauthorized access of devices, networks, services, applications and/or data through the bypass of the underlying mechanisms of security is referred to a security breach.

It mostly happened when an application or an individual enters an unauthorized, confidential, or private logical perimeter of IT illegally. It is eventually one of the initial phases of security attach by a malicious intruder like a nefarious application, cracker, or hacker. Security breaches mostly take place upon violation of security system, procedures, and/or policy. The security breach can be both high-risk and low crucial depending upon the incident’s nature.

Whereas, the data breach includes intellectual property, trade secrets, PII – personally identifiable information, and PHI – personal health information. It is an assured incident in which protected, confidential, or sensitive data has been disclosed and/or accessed in an unauthorized manner. Exposure of common data breach involves corporate information, healthcare histories, and social security numbers like software resource code, processes of manufacturing, customer lists.

It also involves personal information like credit card numbers. More importantly, civil litigation or fines may be imposed on the offending company or individual if violation and/or theft of specific industry or government compliance results due to the data breach. One of the worst data breaches in history has been the case of eBay which eventually led 145 million of its users to change their passwords. EBay became the victim of cyber-attack that involved personal information and encrypted passwords.

The cyber-attack on eBay happened in 2014 between February and March, when the log-in credentials of a small number of employees were compromised. The access to the accounts of eBay was acquired by the hackers by stealing the login credentials. This eventually let the attackers acquire the access to the corporate network of eBay. To investigate the matter aggressively, the leading experts of security and law enforcement were then considered by the company. Further, all of the active users of the company around 145 million of them were sent notification related to the breach by the company. The notification was sent by the company through different marketing channels, site communications, and e-mail. All of the users were further requested to change their passwords immediately.


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