Write a Position Paper

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Write a Position Paper

A position paper doesn’t need much study or experimentation. This is related to the format’s ‘position’ feature. Positions are subject to change. However, while writing a position paper, it is critical to have a strong knowledge of the overall picture, while the specifics may wait until more resources are gathered.


The core background information and knowledge are needed for the topic’s introduction. Start off by making a rough draft of the whole scenario. Make sure to make the draft in such a way that it is linked to your thesis statement and establishes the stance you’ll defend. Do not go into detail on the primary argument of the opposing viewpoint just yet.


The purpose of the body of the paper is to unpack and expand on the topic as well as your perspective. The first step should be to provide more background information than that provided in the introduction.

Once the counter-argument has been disproved, double-check that your
the response is compatible with the original argument.

Position papers can come down to repeating the primary point of your view, using varied phrases and structures if they are of a specific length. When confronted with competing arguments, this is always done. Otherwise, it’ll sound like a press release.


When it comes to completing a position paper, you must leave a strong impression. Reiterate the main points you feel are the most significant and persuasive.

If relevant, beneficial, or feasible, you might also provide a solution to the problem. If you’re used to writing lengthy essays or articles, putting this in the body of the text may seem more natural.

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